About Us

LCIBS Online, a brand of UNi4 Online (PTY) LTD, is an international education institution offering cutting edge programmes for working professionals that will equip you with the skills to meet the challenges of this rapidly advancing world. Our programmes are delivered by industry experts through our online learning platform.

From the London Headquarters, located on the Surrey Quays Road, LCIBS Online, a brand of UNi4 Online (PTY) LTD, brings cutting-edge technology and innovation to change the educational landscape as you know it.

Studying online affords our students the freedom of studying wherever they are and join in our global classrooms. We also have a number of EcoSpace buildings across Africa including South Africa and Accra, Ghana, enabling our mission to deliver and access high-quality education for you to prioritise your learning without physical limitation.

At LCIBS Online, we offer a unique learning experience incorporating a rich blended approach to learning. We ensure you have the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in new information and skills to empower you to start preparing for your future career.


Our vision is to overcome boundaries through innovative technology to deliver quality education, created by industry experts and visionaries, that disrupt and deliver world-class experiences to our African community that is capable to empower and uplift lives.


Our mission is to pioneer the future of higher education in Africa by empowering individuals through online courses to enter the marketplace and be skilled in their professions to become value contributors and assets in the African economy.